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The Return of the Blog, Part II?

I know, I know, my delay and not having written for 8 months is shameful. Let’s move on to relevant life events, shall we? I moved in with Kerri in late May 2013; we live at Park Place at Van Dorn in Alexandria. Our apartment is completely beautiful. We are on the fourth floor and have vaulted ceilings. I have my own bathroom. You never know how much having a relaxing home is worth until you don’t have one. I am literally grateful every day to have this home. Kerri and I get along great and are considerate of each other. We seem to have the same tolerance for messiness( aka not much mess), which is great. The rent is 1200 a month ,otherwise known as an ENTIRE paycheck for me. It’s worth it.

I was forced to get a new car. Fucking good year charged me $500 to “fix” my Honda’s damn overheating problem. Of course it wasn’t fixed, so I took it back about 4 days later. They said it had a warped head and it would be undriveable any day. I wish they would have told me that BEFORE I threw money at a dead car. Anyway, I bought a 2002 Saturn thanks to a generous donation from my parents. I seriously don’t know how ppl with fucked up parents survive. The Saturn also has a problem; the computer to tell it when things are wrong is somehow messed up. So the check engine light comes on sometimes when there’s nothing wrong, and will potentially not come on pre-blow up. In return for the wasted money I spent at good year they have given me a free oil change and two free inspections of my Saturn, one of which I haven’t cashed in yet. Basically, my car is still my main cause of drama. However, I’ll just do the best I can. My deepest desire in life is to buy a car that is still under warranty, ONE DAY.

I got a new boss at work, Brandi. She has given me more work, which is great b/c I’m not as bored any more. She is like the best parts of Marcy and Seabold combined, awesome. I have no idea when/if I’m rotating to a new position. They are confused about it cuz of the reorg and everything. As long as I have a job, we cool.

 I made a friend at work named Katie. I went to her house for her husband’s graduation party. Her and her husband, Dave, Kyle and his wife Allison, and Kerri of course were all over at the house last week for a game night. It was super fun, but I lost at everything. We played cranium and cards against humanity. I am going over to Katie’s house to help them pack and move some things. They just bought a house, very exciting!

I am back into playing D&D. But this time it’s superhero version. My character’s name is Xerox b/c she copies other people’s powers. Pics can be seen on fb I have only been playing a week, but this game seems to be more interactive than our last campaign.

I went home again before school starts. The parent’s air conditioning went out, which was lame. However, I loved seeing my parents and brother. My bro has moved out on his own like a big ole grown up. I’m so proud of him. Now that they’re really in an empty nest, who knows what the parents will do in time. I want them to retire up this way a little bit, but we’ll see as that’s a way off.

I am taking Microecon development and International trade this semester. Tuesday and Thursday nights. I am NOT looking forward to going back to school. It’s been nice just to relax, but I want to get this whole master’s thing out of the way, so grindstone, eh.  I did pass my comprehensive exam that I took in June. That means that all I now need to do to graduate is pass enough classes, which shouldn’t be a problem! I did have to go get a tetanus and chicken pox two vaccination before classes started; DC law. ARGH the government LEAVE ME ALONE. Don’t worry, I’m not going Repub on you lol.

I can’t promise that I’ll do epically better at posting, but I can hope for it!

Eastern Market and another Mouse Mystery

On Saturday, a group of us from Econ went to Eastern market, which is like a farmer’s market but much bigger and open all week. I bought: a ton of apples, bananas, broccoli, cucumber, beef tips, 5 year old cheese, garlic bread, a chocolate éclair. It was worth it. The prices are a little more, but everything is local and tastes so much better. Put it on the best ideas list. Afterwards, we went out to eat for lunch and then studied.

I didn’t do ANYTHING on Sunday at all. I set up the Wii and started playing my games. Love animal crossing so much, typical girl haha.

Monday night I cooked for the week. Pork chops, potatoes, broccoli. Pretty well rounded meal. Also on Monday night, both of my mouse traps are involved in a mystery. The first one went off and I found it, but there’s no mouse and it’s a good foot away from where it’s supposed to be. The second one, I can not find at all. Not sure if I misplaced it or if there’s a dead rat in my room I can’t find…..Also, the roommates were being really loud at like 2 a.m. I know that not everyone is on the same schedule as me, but they need to take their conversations away from my door! Will have that convo soon.

We got a half day at work on Monday b/c of icy road conditions and didn’t have to be in until noon. Today is my half day for school. I come to work whenever, ya know?

I am going to try and workout, eat, and study before class. Good luck right….

That’s all for now. I’m trying to do better about keeping it updated!

Return of the blog...

Wow, so I’m embarrassed by my absolute neglect of my blog. I started work and discovered how valuable free time is. However, with that being said, I do think this is important, and I love going back to look at this after some time is back. So I’m going to take a crack at it. It won’t be as detailed as my weekly ones b/c I don’t wanna bore your pants off.



Direct supervisor Marcy – from NJ, she’s very type A like me, and very helpful in dealing with my insecurities in making decisions on what to do with companies.

One level above Marcy is John – He is in branch chief for the quarterly financial report (QFR) that I work on. He’s from Kentucky and we originally bonded on how we both grew up in the south but felt out of place there. He is very on top of this survey and really cares about it.

Kathy – From southern MD. Both her and Marcy are 100% workout healthy buffs.! She’s a very high preforming/high energy person. Reminds me of Casey’s mom, Julie

Kerri – Friend of Kathy’s in the accounting side of the office. Has lost almost 100 pounds, amazing!

Megan – friend from Cohort, lives in the area. Very sweet girl. We eat lunch occasionally. She works in local governments

Justin – friend from Cohort. From Auburn AL. Writes really inflammatory fb posts and is part of our occasional lunches


nbsp;              People always want to know what I’m actually doing on a daily basis, so let me tell you.  The QFR is a survey of businesses in manufacturing and retail. We gather financial/accounting data, like balance sheets, income statements, etc. Because of this, our department is divided into two divisions. The other side of the office deals with accounting based stuff; they all have accounting degrees to help respondents. Our branch deals with making sure companies are classified in the right industry, dealing with mergers, acquisitions, and spinoffs, answering respondent phone calls, and a bunch of other stuff. Most of my day to day work involves researching companies to answer those kind of questions. I will also be working on the migration to a new processing system with Kathy soon.

Kyle did get the job here! He is still waiting to hear what department he’ll be placed in. It is always good to have contact here. It’s important to know people to contact about things, so YAY!


Made an A in macroecon and a B in math econ. Let’s not talk about it!

Taking microecon and econometrics this semester. Both seem to be pretty great so far, but I have yet to turn in an assignment, so we’ll see.

Classes are on Tu and Wed.

B/c both of my classes are at 5:30, I have arranged my work schedule to get off at 4 on Tuesdays and 11:30 on Wednesdays. I come in at 7. I know, it’s pretty early for me!


nbsp;              New year’s resolution anyone? Not really. I have, mostly successfully, cut back my drinking to one night a week. NO drinking on the other days, not even a beer. Before, I was using alcohol to make me sleepy. So to curb that trend, I am now taking melatonin on week nights. It seems to be working pretty well.

nbsp;              I am also exercising every weekday morning and sometimes on a weekend day or something. In case you were wondering, that puts me pushing my alarm at 4:30 a.m., disastrous. I am adjusting to it fine, and I rarely miss it. I have also cut back my pizza to once a week. I need to do better about ordering less pizza so it doesn’t last as long. The only thing I haven’t been doing is tracking. I’ve just been trying to eat normally and thoughtfully. I can’t tell you if it’s working b/c I haven’t gotten on the scale in a long time. That’s my next step to change is weighing myself. I can’t do well if I don’t know where I’m going. I honestly still think I may be gaining weight, just at a MUCH slower pace. I’ll keep you posted


nbsp;              I have got to get the fuck out of this house. One roommate with Asperger’s, another who is bipolar, and a moocher who rarely cleans and all in the ghetto. No thanks. I don’t regret the decision b/c this was the best I could do at the time, but I’m ready to go and have some room to breathe.

nbsp;              I did have an incident with Mr. Bipolar. I took his keys away from him b/c he was having an episode and was unfit to drive. I left the house and came back and he was bothering me for the keys. I kept telling him no, but he kept poking me. I was on the phone with Casey and went to the bathroom so I could talk without interruption. All of the sudden, I can’t breathe my lungs are on fire, water from the sink doesn’t help, my eyes are watering, my whole face is red. I am able to open the window and no other roommates are answering their phones. I yell at him to ask what he did. He knocks on the door and I open it. Scariest sight I ever saw. He’s just standing there glaring at me with blood red eyes. I slam the door shut and called the cops. They escorted me to my car. They were unable to take him to the mental hospital b/c they have to go voluntarily. He sprayed my whole keychain of mace on the upper level. His dad came and got him the next day and took him to the hospital. That was the first of three times we have called the cops on him. He has been violent in the past. None of us have told the landlord b/c he’s a sweet kid and we don’t want him to get kicked out. Most of his episodes are really docile and he’s just affectionate. Every now and then, it’s not. What makes me the angriest is that his dad feels no obligation to take care of him. He shouldn’t be living with strangers. He’s unable to hold a job or attend school. He’s basically a bump on a log all day.

nbsp;              Not to get all political, but another thing that greatly angers me is that he could get a gun no problem. He’s been diagnosed but not adjucated. He could get a gun, and that’s fucking scary.

nbsp;              It’s hard to eat healthy when you’re sharing a kitchen with 5 people. Dishes are always dirty. Everybody but the moocher is pretty good not to eat my food, so there’s that at least. Kemal moved out a while back, so he’s no longer in the house. David (the landlord) has had me showing the room. If someone gets it who I show it to, I get a $100 which is great. But then I have moral problems b/c do I want the money or do I want to tell them about the hellhole this house can be lol. Hasn’t been an issue yet.

nbsp;              Bedbugs are officially gone. We can send the troops home. No one has been bitten since September. However, now we have mice friends. They haven’t been too bad, but I swear PETA is gonna be riding my ass any day now. I put traps out, and a mouse suffered in one all day before I came home to get him. He was still alive so Brad took care of it for me. I swear, I have found all the creative ways to torture mice.

nbsp;              In order to facilitate me getting the fuck out of here, I will be moving in with Kerri in July. We are going to live in Northern VA (NOVA). Hopefully, Alexandria, right across the bridge from Census. Should be about a 20 minute commute. Will be more expensive but will be SO much happier. And she’ll be a good influence on not eating like a freakin cow.


nbsp;              I went home over the holidays, and that was really good. I saved a TON of money not driving and mooching off my parents. It was the life. I will go back home for a little bit over Spring Break on the 8th through 11th of March. Can’t wait to see mom and dad and the puppy again.

nbsp;              Loved watching the national championship this year. DJ bet me dinner on Notre Dame winning. What an idiot. I gots me a free dinner. Watched the Ravens play the Patriots at a bar with Kyle, Liza and Sowmya. We’ll prob do the same for the superbowl, whenever that is.

nbsp;              That same group of four is going to eastern market tomorrow. It’s like a huge farmer’s market that’s open multiple days a week. Their fruit is to DIE for. Might actually make me happy to eat healthy for once.

nbsp;              Bought new glasses/contacts. Pics to be posted on FB soon

nbsp;              I bout a WII and Kath is giving me Zumba. I also bought just dance. More exercise options is always better.

nbsp;              I met my first DC celeb. Kyle and I saw Chris Matthews at Zburger on campus. I just shook his hand and told him I loved his show. The MSNBC studio is near campus. It was so amazing. Next on the list, Rachel freakin Maddow. I would just FREAK OUT.

nbsp;              I think if I had to chose another job, I would want to work for a TV pundit and research political stories of the day. It’s all I do in my free time anyway. Might as well get paid for it!

Do the Creep

Hello all,

So the first item on the agenda is the liquor store guy doin the creep. So I pass a tall, black guy in the liquor store and he goes hey, how are you, and I said good, how are you. He said "better now" and looked at me weird. Then, we ended up checking out next to each other and he was short like ten cents, so I gave him a quarter cuz I'm a nice person damnit. He was all that's nice, what's your name. I told him. Then he says, hey my name's paul, I'll see you outside okay. SAY WHAT!? Creepiest thing evah. I pretty much high tailed it to my car and drove home. I had Kemol walk me from the my car to the house cuz I was thoroughly weirded out. I'm sure it was harmless, but I'd rather make an ass of myself and be safe then end up on the news. This neighborhood is not all that safe. Gotta say though, the minority guys are like whoa, there's a white girl, gotta hit on her lol.

Last day of my job today. It is my greatest hope that I took my last order today. All work is honest work, but I have done my time as a grunt slave. I am ready to embrace my career. And speaking of which, I got placed in the corporate analysis branch. They put out the quarterly financial report that influences monetary policy made by the Fed and numbers that the BEA uses for the GDI measurements. They called me to see if I had any questions. This is the guy who came up and talked to me afterwards saying he wanted to meet me, so I did get placed where I was wanted. YAY! He recommended that I try driving in b/c the beltway isn't so traffic heavy on the East side. We'll see how it does. Both he and the lady who would be my direct boss seem really nice and funny. I can not wait to start on the 22nd!

And to the VP debate. Nothing really earth shattering there. But again, you have to stay in the know here. So I am keeping up. All us roommies watched it together. Jade fixed my computer while we watched. We had to make a liquor store run b/c of the ridiculousness of it all.

On Saturday, Kyle came over to work on a project for school and have lunch. He applied for the census bureau job too, so maybe he'll be in the next cohort and I can have a buddy at work. Of course, by then I hope to have made friends at work.

Maureen gave me a 20% off coupon for Burlington, so I should have a nice winter coat soon! I will use this week off to organize my clothes situation and study for midterms. Starting a new job and then immediately taking midterms  should prove to be extremely stressful. I am trying not to stress about my midterms, but you know me.

My Mom is going to New Orleans in a few weeks and my Dad is going fishing. They're all traveling like crazy!

I think that may be it. I'm kind of tired now, so I'm sure I"m forgetting something. I just wanted to do a quick update. LATERZ


Ok so one of my major worries about moving here was the whole not knowing anyone extravaganza. And more to the point not having anyone to count on in an emergency. This is turning out not to be a problem because I am making friends. This week was pretty social as far as my weeks go in general so let's get into it.

Wednesday night:
The debate. All us roommate people had debate bingo. It had words like jobs, economy, Michele, Ann, Iraq, energy, etc. Kemol totally won. The prize was some of my Halloween candy early. A nice bonding moment even though I was shouting at the tv like men shout at the tv while watching a sporting event. I know pretty much everyone watched the debate (at least everyone I know). I am definitely loving being in the know.

Thursday night
Economics happy hour, oh yeah. We econs know how to party. About six of us from class went out to a bar near campus for some happy hour action. Nothing really crazy happened, but it was nice to get out an socialize. The only good thing about living so far away is I have plenty of time to sober up on the metro!

Kyle (from my econ class) asked me to take him to target to get a desk. You can't really carry a desk on the metro lol. That's why I ended up driving into town via my facebook status. It wasn't so bad; you just have to be really aggressive while driving, or you'll never get anywhere, literally.
That night at work, I stood up for myself like a Northerner. Remember crazy Polynesian clown god man? Yeah, he came up to me and asked me if I believed in the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal savior. I asked him if remembered how we decided not to talk about that. He said yes, and let it go! That's the most direct I think I've been to anybody ever. Yay me!

I didn't do anything with anyone. I did go to the Mexican restaurant that's within walking distance. Yeah, no one there spoke any English, awesome. I made my order known, but still that's kind of crazy right?

Drinking game madness with almost all the housemmates! We played ring of fire, which includes never have I ever. I learned some interesting things that night haha. I've been trying to get people to play cards with me the whole time I've been here, so I'm super excited. Jade was the only one who didn't join in. Apparently we got a little rowdy cuz he came out around midnight and said we needed adult supervision. Hehe.
I got email/phone number of two of my fave customers so I can keep in contact with them after I go to work at the census. They are both smart older gentlemen, one of whom I generally agree with and one whom I don't! But they are both awesome. One of them gave me an "assignment". Finish school and fix this mess. I'm on it....sort of.
Was supposed to go out with Renika, but her baby got sick, so no go. See attempts at socialness at least!

Out to dinner with econ peeps after class. I know it's starting to get cold, but the heat should NEVER be on EVER. It's fucking unnecessary. Maybe this is karmic justice for almost cooking that mouse, but I refuse to be cooked in my own home. I made a big fuss and turned it the fuck off. That's just ridiculous. It better never be on again. Got a mini group assignment for econ. Gotta do a presentation on an article. That should be of the fun times.
Showed Maureen my winter coat today. Apparently that's not going to be good enough. I need to go shopping for cold weather clothes soon or my southern belle ass is gonna freeze off.

That pretty much sums things up. I am being social, making friends, living it up! Excited to be here. Honestly, people probably think I'm a creep. I'll be on the metro or just walking down the street, realize where I am, and just smile. I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. Really the ONLY thing I'm not happy about is my weight. And guess what, that is under my control. Just need to get/keep working on that and everything else will fall into place.

Good night moon!

In Demand

Ok, so my matching visit on Thursday went EPICALLY awesome. Bragging alert: So there were 30 people and 30 positions and we rotated tables talking to every person (almost anyway). It was really interesting and certainly overwhelming. The census bureau does a lot people! I got to the table with one of the people I interviewed with, and before I got a word in edgewise, he told me to pay attention cuz he wanted me on his team and if I was at all interested I should put that position on my list. He told me I interviewed well, and when it was time to rotate he basically held me hostage at his table to make sure I got everything. Say what?! Freakin awesome. Because of some rotational issues, I was unable to go to all the tables. As I was exiting, a manager came up, saw my name tag, and said: Are you the Christine from Alabama? I was like yes! He proceeded to tell me that he was both disappointed that he was unable to sit on my interview panel and that I didn't make it to his table. He gave my their pamphlet and his business card and walked all the way back with me to tell me about his program and encourage me to put that on my list. Like a fucking boss people. So this, obviously, did wonders for my confidence and I feel fucking excited to start. I also talked to several of the other cohorts. One is from Auburn, so I was all War Eagle haha. Made some good inroads to being a part of this group. Tthis is pretty much the best thing that's ever happened to me. All I need to find out is what their pay cycle is so I know when to give my two weeks. Oh yeah!

Unfortunately, my girl date got canceled b/c of my matching interview. Still looking to reset that. However, I wasn't entirely antisocial this week. On Saturday, I finally went to a museum!!! I know, it was overdue, like are you really in DC kinda thing. Me, Liza, and a guy from class, Kyle all went to the spy museum on Saturday. That was fun, even though I'd been before. You can always learn something new at these things. After that, we went to lunch at a pizza/beer place nearby. It was Pizza (pi symbol), and the nerd in us couldn't resist. Liza had never had deep dish pizza before, so we had that. Kyle had a pumpkin beer, and I went for Bella Amber, Liza had hard cider. Very delicious, and a bit expensive. We also went to the Hirosh  (sp) modern museum of art. They are both really big art buffs so I felt like an idiot. Or at the very least, very ignorant. I just don't get that stuff. They did have an interactive part where you walked through a pitch black hall and wolves and other beasties seemed to come out of the sides of the wall and growl and stuff. I went like two steps in and turned back. I know, I'm a baby for scares.

And speaking of scares, I am so excited for Halloween! We actually get trick or treaters here!! I've never had one in my whole life! I bought a bunch of candy and decorations. I just need a tiara, and I'll be a princess haha.

Classes are still going well. Grad school is definitely different than undergrad. They don't hand feed you procedures for solving things. I've used google for help more this semester than I did my entire undergrad. You are pretty much on your own. I mean the professors are super helpful if you ask questions, but damn if you don't have to work your ass off to find the answers wa wa.

It's not like the museums are going anywhere, but I want to make time to go to the archives to see the declaration of independence and constitution. I also want to go the crime and punishment museum. I'd also be down with another trip the History museum. Those are on my to do list. Like I said though, nothing terribly pressing. I'm here for the long haul people.


Got me a girl date

Hello all,

No news is pretty much good news from my front. I went to classes. Got my first homework grade back, and it was a A yay! Went out to dinner with a small group from my macroecon class. Got together with a lot of people to check over homework for macroecon too. I'm definitely starting to get my way around campus now, and am making friends in the process so woot woot.

I got an email saying that the career fair for the census job is on the 27th, so that is in the offing. Gotta meet all the managers and see where you're most interested in starting. You make a list of three places, the managers list three people and they match you. I'm pretty charming so I ain't worried. Uh no, I am super worried lol. I don't have a terribly large amount of experience but I am the most determined, taking initiative worker ever.

And speaking of work: still kickin it out at Atlanta bread for the time being. One customer today asked me if I was from Atlanta haha. I am training a new guy. Is it just me or are the 18 year olds getting smaller. I just feel super old. Anyway, he is so sweet and really helpful if not entirely slow, but I'm sure that'll go away as he learns. My girl date comes from work too. The baker's name is Renika. She comes in overnight to bake and asked me if I wanted to go out for drinks one night and I was like heck yeah. We will go out on Wednesday, so I gots me a girl date. See, I'm charming, people totally like me! Except for religious zealot man haha. He came in again the other day and so did the other guy but they kept it totes civil. Thankfully. But when I went on my break, crazy man wanted to talk to me while I was trying to rest and eat!! I told him I had to "check something in the back", and left to eat in the office. Seriously, when I'm on break I'm not even getting paid to listen to your bullshit.

And speaking of dates, I decided not to go out with the guy who asked me out last week. I didn't really feel a connection, and we didn't seem to have anything in common. Also, he was getting kinda creepy, telling me where he was all the time. And if I didn't answer he'd be all hey baby you didn't answer I just wanna make sure you're okay. Whoa dude you don't even know my last name. But for real, I need to focus on my career and school. A guy just may not be in the picture for a while, and that's okay.

But my roommates are definitely in the picture, in fact, they may be the frame. We have roommate bonding time a lot, which is really great. I am so glad I decided to move into the house with all the people. Honestly, I would be balls off the wall crazy without any people around if I lived by myself. It's not all flowers and dandelions, but it is pretty great for the most part.I mean even my parents being gone is making me sad, so I needs the people. I have set up camp in the living room this evening in case anyone wants to chill.

I'm still having car drama. The MVA (DMV) gave me a year sticker but not a month sticker, so Ima have to drag my ass back up there. Welcome to Maryland give me all your money.

And from a mostly self reflective point, I am definitely reveling in the politics and news side of dc that I loved so much when I was here last. Yes, I realize that it's the election, so everything is more imminent. But I like watching the news shows and keeping up with events. It makes me feel more like an adult, and I can actually hold conversations with the people here. As McDonald's would say, I'm loving it!


Dear Religious Zealot,

I do not care what you think about your God, or any other God for that matter. Imagine, if you will, some nonsensical hypocrite yapping on at you about their Polynesian clown God, Jiggles. Are you convinced? Do you now believe in the almighty power of the Jiggles. Do you now wish to go to the Jiggly temple every Friday morning to profess your faith? Do you not? Really? and Why? Because you are a grown person with your own beliefs that are not succeptible to swaying by some random person you do not know. Shockingly, the same applies to me.

Do not interrupt people at work who are trying to do their jobs to preach to them. You are actually costing the company money by talking to me. There are only so many ways I can stop talking to you and not be rude. I am on company time, not yours. Unfortunately, being in customer service keeps me your prisoner. Unable to tell you what I really think, and unable to leave without offending you and potentially getting a reprimand. Do not insult me to my face and tell me that women are the weaker sex and to not be offended. That you left your church for another when they got a woman pastor. Don't tell me that abortion is wrong, evolution is evil, and that prayer works when I am at my place of WORK. At least tell me in a venue where I get tell you to get bent. I don't even have the freedom to speak my mind to you.

Speaking of work, please stop harrassing my customers. You nearly getting a fist fight in my lobby with another customer is not okay. You shouldn't have to "take things outside" with a stranger at a casual restuarant. This is not a bar. That other customer you assalted with your ridiculousness is a regular customer whose name I know, company I enjoy, and he never causes problems like you. When other customers come up to complain about you, it is not okay. I know we had a talk today about what is appropriate, and I'm glad you listened and apologized. I hope you hold up to that promise.

Please don't misunderstand me. I believe deeply that you and everyone should have the right to their beliefs, even in Jiggles if you want. Just don't push your views where it isn't wanted. Thank you.


Keeper of the Peace.

99 problems and a car is the only one

Hello all,

Let's just start by saying any and all rantiness I may or may not exhibit here is mitigated by my recent windfall of good luck. Disclaimer achieved. I went to get my car fixed Wednesday like I said I would. I showed up at 10:15 to the pepboys near my house. Went to Arby's across the street, ate lunch, studied a LOT, very productive, they called about my car, told em to fix it. $231 isn' t that bad to allow me to sit at a damn red light without freakin out. They didn't have my car done until.....6:30. That's pretty much 8 hours folks. That's a long time. I wish they would have told me; I would have just walked my ass home. This caused me to miss my econ social time :(.  Their service was fine, but I was not thrilled about how long it took. Dunno if they need more employees or what. Listen up businesses, if you can't service your customers you won't keep them. Quit being so scared of the economy and grow it by hiring people. Economics lesson DONE.

Obviously, that took all day, so I had to postpone my drip to the Maryland DMV until today (thursday). First though, I had to go to the doctor's appointment. I don't know how appropriate it is to share my health details. But there was a serious concern about me having cervical cancer. Good news, I don't!! More good news, I freakin love my gyncologist. I know this is a weird sentence. Compared to my last doctor, mr. get in and gtfo, they actually take the time to talk to me and answer my questions. They actually had pictures to show me DURING my exam so I would know exactly what the doctor was seeing. They asked me all kinds of questions and treated me like a human not another appointment. I don't have enough praise for their offices. Even if I move halfway across DC, I will still use them. So anyways, cancer free, check.

Now onto the DMV. First off, let me just say that their DMV is freakin HUGE. They have screens and call out numbers, and it's like a big automated machine. Such a difference from the two employee, wait in our small lobby approach of the Bham DMV. Which just goes to show the kind of population we're dealing with here. So, I am getting my title registered here, and I am getting a MD license tag. It is the law, but perhaps equally relevant, it's less hassle to just do it now. I plan on living here for a long time, so just get it done. Apparently I have to get my dang old car inspected before I can get a license, what the fuck ever. I go to a licensed inspector. Drop another $600. Bastards. This is the kind of crap that makes me want to be a republican. In Alabama, you can drive what the heck ever you want, even a beat up jalopy. That miniscule crack in my windshield is not bothering any of the residents of Maryland. It's not even bothering me!!!! So yeah, I have to get that crack fixed, a pad for my brake pedal, my headlights adjusted, and something else I can't remember. Is it a ripoff? yes. Is there anything I can do about it? Not really. I'm just going to pay the piper on this one. Thankfully, I only have to go through this once. It just doesn't make sense to me from a matter of government regulation. But whatever. Almost every bit of drama, cash drain, or upset has happened due to my car. I'm starting to get why some people just don't bother.

I got asked out today...sort of. I went to a sub shop to study while they did the MD inspection bullshit. The manager guy struck up a convo with me about what I was studying. We talked for a while and he said I was pretty and asked for my number. Eh, I don't have much to lose. He is from Nigeria and seems really nice if not a bit forward. Whatever, lol, he texted me to tell me we'd set up a date at some point. I'll keep you posted.

That may be it for my adventure of the last two days.

I was WARNED about this

Hello my lovilies,

Lots of new information this week. I got the job at the Census Bureau!!! It pays REALLY well, full government benefits, gym and clubs/organizations on site, tuition reimbursement. I'm officially living the dream people. This is what I came to do. I will tecnically be a statistician, but it's really more like a rotational internship, which is great for me. Then after two years of learning all the departments, you settle down into one. The metro trip there is only about 40 minutes, and I do not have to change trains which is a blessing. I don't officially start till October 27th, which is also fine. Gives me time to lose my weight so I can get down to the size my professional clothes are in, and it gives me time to brush up on my statisitics and boy do they need brushing up on. I will be trudging along at atlanta bread for a bit longer, but like I said, it's no problem.

As my fb peeps will know, I talked to a super cute guy on the metro. We talked about all kinds of stuff, but didn't get each other's names. I was super bummed. But I'm stubborn and I managed to find him on fb with only his work place lol. Yeah, he's gay. I was warned, by none other than my gynecologist, that this would be the case. He was so smart and funny, it fucking figures man. Anyway, its still nice to talk to and meet people. I just need to get a better gaydar is all.

Classes are going well. I turned in my first homework assignment today, so yippee. I'm doing better about talking to people, even though I'm only meeting them through Liza. Small baby tiny steps people. I have a little econ social to attend tomorrow night, so we'll see how that goes. Liza won't be there, so I'm going to have to make it on my own. Fucking hell. But anyways, I'm trying not to be a complete loser here. I get to start over, and I'd like to not make the same mistakes twice. Also on the agenda for tomorrow, getting my car fixed and going to the dmv. Wish me all the luck, cuz I will need it for sure.